August 8, 2008

Hurja lista vapaista työkaluista oppimiseen & opettamiseen liittyen, pistän tähän vain ekat sata… :

Let's explore the idea that there is at least one excellent free learning
tool (or site) for every learning problem, need or issue!

*I want a FREE*:

1. Easy-to-use and secure Internet browser?*
2. e-Mail system?* **Gmail*
3. Social bookmarking tool? *del.icio.us*
4. Social bookmarking tool with collaborative learning features (groups,
forums, etc.)? *Diigo*
5. Tool to *translate* text or a webpage? *Google Language
6. RSS reader? *Omea Reader*
7. Online RSS reader? *Google Reader*
8. Online Calendar? *Google Calendar*
9. Tool to aggregate all my resources, mail, RSS feeds, etc, in one
place?* **iGoogle* or
10. Platform to incorporate all my favorite tools within one environment?
11. Learning Management System (*LMS*)? Easy, *Moodle*
12. Hosted LMS? Here are
13. Tool to assist me in evaluating and selecting a LMS?
14. Learning Activity Management System?
15. Collaboration tool? Connect with *Ning*
16. Social Networking tool? Tricky one! *Facebook*
17. 3D online virtual world where I can socialize, connect and
learn? *Second
18. Content Management System (*CMS*)? *Joomla*
19. Tool to create my own website? *Webnode*
20. *Virtual Classroom*? *DimDim*
21. Hosted Virtual Classroom?* **WiZiQ*
22. Tool to broadcast myself to the world? *USTREAM*
23. Tool to make calls from my computer?
24. Videoconferencing chat service? *Vawkr*
25. Content *authoring* tool? How about two?
* *&* **CourseLab*
26. Alternative to Microsoft Office? *OpenOffice*
27. Online suite of office tools? *Google Docs* or
28. Tool that accurately converts my PowerPoint to Flash (including
animations)? *iSpring
29. Web authoring tool alternative to FrontPage and Dreamweaver?
30. Personal online notebook? *Google
31. Blogging tool? *WordPress* ! Why aren't you
using WordPress? Good Question!
32. Blogging tool for educators? *Edublogs*
33. Directory of edubloggers from around the world? *International
Edubloggers Directory*
34. Microblogging tool? *Twitter*
35. Wiki tool? *PBwiki*
36. Encyclopedia, which I can add to or edit?
37. Community dedicated to collaborative development of free content? *
38. Audio recording tool? *Audacity*
39. Tool to record and host my audio recordings online? *Odeo
40. Tool to transform media into collaborative spaces with video, voice
and text commenting? *VoiceThread*
41. Tool for storytelling? *Here are
42. Screencasting (recording) tool? *Wink*
43. Hosted screencasting tool? *Jing*
44. Mindmapping tool? *FreeMind*
45. Tool that lets me brainstorm and create mindmaps online?
46. Easy-to-learn 3D authoring software tool? *Google
* *
47. Alternative to 3D Studio Max?
48. *Photo/image* editing tool? *GIMP* or
49. Online photo/image editing tool? *Splashup*
50. Tool to create cool personalized images? *Custom Sign Generator
51. Image Resizer? *Dosize*
52. Watermarking tool?
53. Screen Color Picker?
54. Tool to highlight text in a webpage? *The Awesome
55. Tool to create flowcharts, diagrams, technical drawings?
56. Tool to create comics and cartoons?
57. Tool to make screenshots from different browsers with one click? *
Browsershots* * *
58. Tool to create PDFs from any Windows program?
59. Online file conversion tool (e.g. Word >PDF>PowerPoint)?
60. Tool to *share* my slides? Too easy man!*
61. Tool to share my videos? Come on! *YouTube*
62. Online science research sharing portal? *SciVee*
63. Online community to share and discuss instructional teacher videos? *
64. Online community to share, discuss and learn about the uses of
educational technology? *EdTechTalk*
65. Online community to test my big ideas? *Big
66. Tool to download videos from any video sharing site (YouTube,
Metacafe, etc.)? *ClipNabber*
67. Self-publishing tool (books, papers, articles, etc)?
68. Tool to share my pictures? Are you joking!
69. Space to upload and share my files? *eSnips*
70. File hosting solution that allows me to share files up to 250MB each?
71. Online *quiz *tool? *ClassMarker*
72. Tool to create interactive quizzes and puzzles? *Hot
73. Tool to create web and print-based crossword puzzles? *
EclipseCrossword* * *
74. Inquiry-oriented lesson tool? *WebQuest*
75. Online polling tool with a bit of fizzle?
76. Online survey tool? *Click here to
77. Tool to create Flash *games* (templates)?
78. Investment Simulation Game? *Virtual
79. Interactive 3D business simulator?
80. Game to understand cancer better?
81. Game to understand the scientific method and 21st Century Skills? *River
82. Game to understand variable manipulations for urban management? *
83. Game to understand social studies better? *Quest
84. Game to understand world hunger and efforts to alleviate it? *WFP
85. Game to learn more vocabulary and help hungry people? Seriously! *
86. Range of interactive tools to help me understand maths concepts? *Shodor
87. Tool to create my own *search* engine tailored to my needs? *Google
Custom Search
88. Human-powered search engine? *Mahalo*
89. Metasearch engine with visual display interfaces? What! Here is *
KartOO* !
90. Search engine that groups the results by topic via automated
clustering technology? *Vivisimo*
91. Science-specific search engine? *Scirus*
92. All-in-one research search tool? *Schoolr*
93. Tool to help me collect, manage, and cite my research sources? *
94. Tool that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to my
website? *Google Analytics* * *
95. Tool to search, discover, rank and compare different sites around the
world? *Alexa*
96. Tool to search the full text of books? *Google Book
97. Tool to search for scholarly literature? *Google
98. Tool to search for patents? *Google Patent
99. Tool that sends me email updates of the latest relevant Google
results (e.g. e-Learning)? *Google Alerts*
100. Energy saving search engine? *Blackle*

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